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PowerCode API™

PowerCode API™ is an API and resource portal that provides powerful code structures to support your app. We develop the hard parts, so you can develop amazing apps!

Easy API Interface

We developed all of our API responses with json formats, so it works with any code!

Resource Portal

Our resource portal provides detailed documentation and a developer community with professional engineers to develop connections and learn.


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Robust Code

We run our code through the most rigorous testing and push it to the limits every day. Our code provides clean feedback on exceptions.

Clean Documentation

Every API we offer contains real life examples of how to use it. Examples are provided for over 20 of the topmost popular programming languages.

High End Servers

We have spent the time and money testing all the top hosting providers over time. We only use the ones that provide a 100% uptime, so we won't keep you down.

Multi-Region API

Apart from supporting most programming languages, we also support them across the globe with servers in multiple countries.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my data secure?

    We provide solutions to both process and store data. Security is our number one priority, so everything you send us is encrypted with your client key. Our terms and conditions include a non-disclosure agreement.

  • Our code empowers your code. We do not own the code you use to integrate with us but we built this model so we can continuously improve our end without interrupting your app.

  • If you are using one of our APIs that store your data (customer management, product inventory, etc.) then you will always have access to export your saved data in a standard CSV format, even after you leave.

  • We offer different plans, our first one starts at 10K per day. We can also provide custom plans to meet the needs of your API use.

  • Due to the unique nature of our service we are only able to allow applicants who qualify base on how the API will be used. To get started request an application from us and we will begin the process from there. This usually takes less than 1 business day.

  • Our plans start at $199/month for our professional account, or $799/month for our premium account. Contact us for a demo to see which one is best for your app or to setup a custom pricing plan.

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